Google Earth Timelapse shows changes to planet over last 37 years

Google Earth received its first big update since 2017 on Thursday. The highlight is a new time-lapse feature that lets you see how much the planet has changed in the past 37 years, and it’s pretty stunning what you can find.

With Google Earth Timelapse you can search anywhere on the system’s extensive worldwide map and, thanks to more than 24 million satellite photos, compare how that place looked in 1984 versus how it looks today. You can also see how the planet changed during any period in between, or watch a time-lapse video and see how global warming, deforestation and urban expansion affected a particular region. Google Earth also has a few highlight sections that show you some of the bigger changes.

You can check it out by visiting and entering in any location or browsing some of the featured locations.

Here are five of the changes that stood out to me.

Amazon rainforest deforestation in Brazil

Dubai’s rapid expansion

Shrinking glaciers


Reclaimed land

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